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A Creative Healing Community for Young Widows

Announcing Elizabeth Berrien’s new book Creative Grieving: A Hip Chick’s Path from Loss to Hope

Grief is often perceived as a purely dark and lonely journey, and is often a topic we prefer to avoid in today’s society. Within a 20-month period Elizabeth Berrien endured the loss of her stillborn son and the subsequent death of her husband on active duty in Afghanistan. She found herself a 27-year-old widow, whose life had been shattered. In this book, she shares her own experiences, insights, wisdom, and even joy gathered on her own journey from grief to hope. It is a journey at times painful, at times lonely, at times unexpectedly humorous.

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Written in a very real and honest way, Elizabeth shares some of the darkest experiences of her life and how she dealt with them. Everyone experiences loss at some point in one form or another and everyone’s experience is different. But when you read this book I am sure you will find a common thread and realize that you are not alone. Truly inspiring!!!! ~~CLR

One of the best books I have ever read. My loss was a divorce after a long term marriage, but Elizabeth,s story inspired me to believe in myself. Thanks Elizabeth ~~Coleen Blass

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Blessing Quote
"There is a sacredness in tears. They are not the mark of weakness, but of power. They speak more eloquently than ten thousand tongues. They are messengers of overwhelming grief...and unspeakable love." (Washington Irving)


You are here, my dear sisters, out of a place of pain. What you have suffered has felt humanly impossible, yet you are reading these words are still living, feeling, receiving, and breathing. Here, you are held with an open heart that wants to reach out to your very spirit. You do not go this path alone. We are here with an intense commonality - the loss of our dear husbands, our soul mates, and our lives as we once knew them.

May this site give you some measure of solace on this difficult journey. There is so often a lack of understanding of what a widow must travel through. The longing in our hearts is screaming to be comforted, "seen," and understood. The birth of this site came out of my own journey of tremendous pain and the need to once again feel alive. I realized that I could not separate myself from the suffering that is happening around the world, every moment. In Western culture, we generally maintain a surface level of interaction, and connection. I felt incredibly challenged to find true heart and mind-centered resources for a widow, particularly a young widow, that spoke to my inner spirit - that went below the surface of the all too familiar phrases, "these are the stages of grief, this is what to expect, these are the emotions you will feel." It took me on a journey of seeking out resources that brought me a deeper sense of belonging somewhere, reminding me that I was not the only one on this planet suffering, that widowhood is indeed not an isolating path, and that there are a multitude of ways to express grief that are often not supported or cultivated in our culture.

My hope is that this place of community will reach out globally, to emotionally touch, and support women of all cultures, spiritual/religious beliefs, ages, and economic backgrounds. This is a place to create out of our grief, to share, support, inspire, and maintain connection on the path forward. Encompassed in this sacred space is a multitude of words for healing, visual art, photos of women's stories, recommended readings of hope and inspiration, poetry, resources for body and mind therapists, and also a Soul Widows Retreat (see dates) to personally meet and connect wtih those sharing on these pages.

Thank you for witnessing these words that I am so greatly honored to share with you. I am riding the waves alongside of you...continuing to transform and shift with what life brings me, whether that means an experience of pain or joy. Somehow, it all becomes interconnected and continues to fuel my spirit, my words, and my desire to join a creative force made up of other strong, beautiful, and empowered soul widows!

Your sister in spirit,
Elizabeth Woods Berrien

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Creative Grieving by Elizabeth Berrien

Creative Grieving

by Elizabeth Berrien

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